“Courage is an angel that makes the difference between a good life and a great life.” – Fairly Legal

Okay peeps. No matter what anyone says, online shopping is not a matter of
courage. Even if you disagree with that sentiment, as the heading of this
entry implies, it’s the courage to try new things that makes your life
interesting and wonderful.

So, in talking to various people over the past few months it has become
abundantly clear to me that the biggest barrier to online shopping for
most people is returning items that don’t fit or that they’re in some way
unhappy with and this is partly why people think it’s a courageous move to
shop online.

There are a few points to be made on this topic.

1. When you’re buying clothing:

a. Measure yourself and check your measurements against the website’s
size guide before you choose your size to purchase.

This way you’re more likely to get the right size straight up and will
have no need to return the item.

When you’ve taken your measurements once, you will always have them handy
for comparison against website size charts.

b. Check the returns policy before you make your purchase.
More and more online stores are offering free, postage paid returns and
delivery on replacements. I’ve been shopping online for years (but more
prolifically over the past 3 or 4 years) and I’ve only ever made two
returns in that time and both times were relatively painless. It’s in the
best interests of the online store to make it as easy as possible to
return items so they keep your custom. If you give the store a call before
you send back your item they will usually give you advice then and there
on how to make it a seamless, stress free process.

2. When you’re buying shoes:

a. As with clothing, check the website’s returns policy and size guide.

b. If you’re not confident in your sizing, look for places that allow
you to order more than one size and return the ones that don’t fit for

Styletread is especially good for this as it’s one of their key policies
used to attract and retain a loyal customer base.

I have a very awkward shaped foot so I can relate to hesitations about
buying shoes online. But let me tell you, I have only once bought a pair
of shoes online that didn’t fit and I suppose that was because I’d become
a little too cocky about online shopping at the time and didn’t follow my
own tips and tricks.

3. When buying anything really:

a. Do your brand research like you would if you were going into a
bricks and mortar store.

b. Check the website’s returns policy BEFORE you make your purchase.

Returning something you purchased online is no more or less difficult than
returning something you bought in a traditional store; you would still
have to physically go back to that store in the same way you have to
physically go to the post office to return your online purchase. You hand
over your goods and then you’re provided with a replacement. You might
have to wait for your replacement but that could just as easily happen in
a traditional store if some thing you’ve bought needs to be sent away for
repair or if there is insufficient stock available for an immediate

If you’ve ever had to return something in store, you should feel confident
about returning something purchased online – it’s exactly the same.

Pour l’amour de shopping
Lulu xoxo


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I am a disenchanted, long time public servant who is thoroughly bored (in spite of being time poor) and so I desperately long to be inspired! I am married to the greatest love of my life so you'd think that would do the trick... but alas it does not. Lucky I have him though because he does make me smile :) I have the greatest friends and a beautiful family.

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